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Professional Sales Bags

Professional Sales Bags A-E

Our Most Popular Bags
Versatile, professional, customizable, and built to last. These bags can do it all.

Combo Sales Bags

Our most popular bag styles able to be combined into one easy-to-use bag set.

Add-On Bag

A perfect addition to any bag to carry overflow products and organize…

Biotronik Implant Bag

An implant bag perfect for your Biotronik trunk stock.

Large Neuromodulation Bag

One of our deepest bags. Great for standing tall boxes on their end.

Small Neuromodulation Bag

A smaller version of the Large Neuromodulation Bag.

Carry-On Bag

The perfect size to fit in the overhead bin on your next flight.

Carry-On Shoulder Bag

Our Carry-On Shoulder Bag is great for holding your accessories, demos…

Salesman Accessory Bag

Our Salesman Accessory bag is great for holding your accessories, demos, or portable printers.

Ogio Nomad Carry-On Bag

This super light (and super tough) bag makes airport weight restrictions a non issue.

Ogio Utilitarian Carry-On Spinner Bag

This lightweight bag combines the protection of a hard shell body with 4 spinner wheels.

Ogio Kickstart Travel Bag

Kickstart your organization with a bag that holds all your products and expands for even greater capacity.

Ogio Passage Wheeled Carry-On Duffel

This lightweight and compact carry-on bag is an excellent choice for additional storage, travel needs, or smaller products.

Ogio Passage Wheeled Checked Duffel

Find the Carry-On Passage a bit too snug for your requirements? No problem! More than double your capacity with the Checked Passage.