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Quality Materials

  • Abec 5 bearing – The standard in the skateboarding industry, these roll smoothly and quietly.
  • Stainless Steel Axel – As opposed to steel axels used by most companies, stainless steel can support more weight and will not start to rust after frequent outside use.
  • 3″ Polyurethane Rollerblade Wheels – Large-diameter wheels make going over rough surfaces a breeze. The polyurethane material is the same material used in roller blades. This makes the bag glide smoothly and quietly even over rough parking lots, tile flooring, and bad sidewalks.
  • Contoured Rubber Lift Handles – These handles make lifting a heavy custom bag much easier on your hands. The round, contoured shape will not dig into your hands.
  • Large Heavy-Duty Commercial-Grade Zippers – We only use zippers that are built to last. We also use large zippers, which make closing the custom bag much smoother.
  • 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon Fabric – This waterproof fabric will outlast other quality luggage materials 3 to 1. It is easy to clean, looks very professional, does not pick up lint, and has a high abrasive tolerance.
  • Webbing Pull Tabs – Holding these tabs as you pull on the zipper makes closing the custom bag even easier.
  • Telescoping Handle Plastic Guards – Plastic guards protect the aluminum rails against damage.
  • Rounded Pull Handle – Telescoping pull handle is rounded, making pulling a heavy bag much more comfortable on your hands.
  • Add-On Strap – Both the Professional Sales Bags and Oversized Sales Bags are equipped with a strap that can be used to piggyback a briefcase, purse, backpack, or any other small item.