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Abbott Aveir Demo Bag

Abbott Aveir Demo Bag

This bag is custom-made in the USA to hold your Abbott Aveir product.


  • Abbott logo comes standard on all bags
  • Interior foam padding and exterior hard plastic to protect your equipment.
  • Commercial-grade materials
  • Contoured grab handles on ends and one centered in the middle for easy lifting and transporting
  • Removable padded shoulder strap

Warranty Information:

Watts Baggs guarantees its entire bag product line for one year from the
original date of purchase (original sales receipt required). This warranty
covers the product for any damage. This includes damage caused by improper
use or accidents. After the first year, Watts Baggs will not cover damage
caused by normal wear and tear, accident, improper use, or the natural
breakdown of colors and materials over time. If the product ever fails due
to a manufacturing or material defect, then Watts Baggs will repair or
replace the bag.

* Not intended for use by anyone under the age of 12

  • Abbott Aveir Demo Bag

    Abbott Aveir Demo Bag

    • Weight: 8 Pounds
    • External Dimensions: 6″ Deep x 7″ Wide x 66″ Long
    • Internal Dimensions: 4.5″ Deep x 6″ Wide x 65″ Long

    Abbott logo will come standard on the bag at no extra cost.