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Design Process

our 12-step design process

  • You work with one of our designers to create the product that will fit your needs.
  • We create all of the patterns needed to manufacture your project.
  • We research and order all of the necessary supplies and materials.
  • Our engineer sets up your patterns in AutoCAD to optimize fabric and material usage and create perfect patterns.
  • If your bag requires embroidery, we setup and digitize your company branding including any text or logos.
  • We cut all of your different fabrics and materials.
  • We sew the prototype here in our U.S. facility.
  • We start the final assembly, which can include installation of plastics, foams, internal partitions, and wheel/telescoping handle assembly.
  • To ensure the bag meets your specifications, we undergo final quality control inspection on the prototype.
  • You examine the prototype so we can discuss any necessary changes.
  • We incorporate any changes to the prototype, or, if necessary, we make a new prototype.
  • You receive a future production cost for bags to be manufactured in our U.S. facility. If needed, we can send your prototype to our overseas facility as a manufacturing alternative.
Please call or email us with any questions or custom design requests.