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Custom Bags

why use a bag that was not designed around your needs?

If you’re tired of using off-the-shelf products, we invite you to come see the difference in buying a custom bag built for you. Watts Bags has been designing bags for over 30 years. We specialize in working with large and small businesses, universities, colleges, schools, sports teams, and international companies. We believe a bag should be designed with your needs in mind.

Here are a few examples of custom bags we have built for some of our customers.

Binder Bags

We offer binder-style bags with removable pages that provide easy access to supplies during demonstrations. Pages can be added or removed if your product changes. All pages are built around our customers products.

Custom Storage

Our custom storage compartment options make organizing, protecting, and transporting all of your devices and supplies a breeze.

Rolling Bags

Our exclusive wheel system can handle up to 100 pounds. You don’t need to worry about overloading our bags with heavy items or stacking bags together. Whatever your needs may be, these wheels are ready to roll.

Branded Bags

We can custom brand most all of our bags with your corporate branding and colors.

Large Bags

Do you need a large bag that you cannot find anywhere? Don’t settle. Let us custom build it for you. We can build bags to almost any size.

Odd Sizes

Do you have odd-sized products? Are you struggling to find a bag that will work for you? Call us to start the design process for a bag built around your unique needs.

about our custom bag sewing

Watts Bags is a U.S. based sewing company operating out of Lindon, Utah. Since we design and sew our custom bag orders in-house, our orders can be completed in a fraction of the time of overseas orders. Unlike many companies that require large minimums, Watts Bags is able to fulfill most orders of all sizes at our U.S. facility. Our bags are fully customizable to fit your needs; give us a try today!

Please note that we do not design or manufacture bags for retail projects. We create and build bags for the end-user.